• 4 out of 5 properties are sold by Real Estate Professionals of which these consistently sell for more than those sold privately.
  • You get more viewings than you would be able to attract on your own.
  • An agent will advise you on the correct price.  Too high a price will drive buyers away.
  • Agents only get paid on results.  No sale, no cost to you.

Why give us a Sole Mandate

  • The agent will spend more time and money on marketing
  • No risk of paying more than one commission (if open mandate)
  • Conclude best deal possible for you, the seller, as there is no scramble to close the deal before a competing agent
  • High priority regarding advertising and show houses
  • One agency setting up viewings as opposed to many interruptions 
  • The agent, may still co-operate with other agents to sell your property,
  • Market exposure can therefore be selectively increased


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